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Luscious Lady Salve 4 oz

This delightful salve is a divine treat for your skin. Organic coconut oil, lavender flowers, calendula flowers and rose petals all work together to create a powerhouse of benefits. Each one of these treasures used individually would encourage your skin to glow beautifully and diminish blemishes. Lavender has been used for acne and is anti-inflammatory. Calendula is known amongst the herbal community as the “skin-loving” herb. It has been used historically in wars on the battlefields to stop bleeding and heal wounds. Anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-tumoral...the list goes on and on. This skin-soothing herb is fabulous for dry skin. Life is demanding for ladies in our modern world. We are rushed and relied upon by many, which leaves little time for taking care of our own skin. Used for centuries, calendula can still give you a little love in our present day. Rose petals have also long been used in beauty preparations. Known for their moisturizing, relaxing and soothing qualities, they also contain antioxidants which can help protect skin cells from damage.

And let's not forget coconut oil, which has too many wonderful attributes to name. It absorbs more readily than other oils do. This makes it an excellent choice for even the most fragile, delicate skin of the elderly. It contributes to youthfulness and has many fantastic anti-aging benefits.

Between nourishing your body and relaxing your brain with it's soft scent, you will feel quite pampered using this purely beautiful salve.

Luscious Lady Salve is also now available in a 2 ounce size!

Ingredients: organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, organic Rose petals, organic Calendula flowers, organic Lavender flowers, essential oils, beeswax, vitamin E

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Debbie from North Carolina 4 years ago

I have been using this salve on my face and body for a few months and I can see huge results in the lines on my face around my mouth, as well as the rest of my face. My skin is smoother and softer anywhere I use this. After noticing that it was lightening age spots on my hands and arms, I am specifically putting it on certain moles to see if it will help take them away. I have researched that the herb calendula will help to remove moles naturally. It is definitely working as they are already starting to fade! Turning 50 years old this year, I am very glad to have this and use it regularly as part of my "anti-aging" routine.

anonymous 4 years ago

I must give a shout out for this wonderful product! I have been using it daily for a few weeks now and have noticed a tremendous difference in my complexion and skin tone. I apply it usually in the morning, before bed or both! It's also fine to use prior to applying make up too which is wonderful. It smells lovely - feminine is the word for it. The lavender, rose and calendula are the perfect soothing mix and not too strong at all. My favorite thing about this salve is that it includes coconut oil but isn't too greasy nor does it remain greasy throughout the day on your face. I'm so pleased with this product, plan on purchasing and using it from now on and have recommended it to family and friends. So excited to have a reliable company with wonderfully homemade products for the family! ~Hannah Hoover (busy wife/mama/homesteader Salem, IN)