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Why Salves?


Salves are very convenient for skincare. Convenience is extremely important these days! They have a shelf life of 2-5 years if stored properly, can be transported easily, and are less messy than creams. The beeswax in salve is not only incredibly healthy for your skin, but also a perfect way to seal in moisture. We have lived in some cold, dry places where salves are the only answer for soft, supple skin. We love natural body butters and lotions, but salves continue to remain our favorite choice for skincare.


Tinctures, teas, poultices…there are many amazing ways to use herbs! They all have their own benefits and we enjoy each one. Yet salves are still our own personal favorite. Many of the small health challenges of life call for topical treatment. Diaper rash, eczema, dry skin, bug bites, poison ivy, bee stings…the list continues! We always have a cabinet full of salves for each and every need that arises.


Salves are also a great choice for babies. Babies are especially sensitive to all the man made ingredients present in many store bought lotions and creams. With our baby salve and products, you can rest assured that we have taken a pure and gentle approach, keeping your sweet bundle in mind.


Perhaps you live in a hot, humid climate and prefer the lighter feel that body cream gives. The downside to butters and creams is that they have a very short shelf life of several months as we are committed to leaving out unnatural preservatives in our products. They last longer if stored in the refrigerator, but we doubt you will have them hanging around your house for more than a few months. Sometimes you just need a quick, light fix and you’re good to go.


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